VehicleSnowTowOur vehicle, the “Fluffy Bunny” is currently in ground/early flight testing.  Once flight testing is complete, we will offer the first version for sale.

Our first vehicle for sale will be a solar powered aircraft for flight in the lower atmosphere.  It will operate as an ultralight vehicle, taking off from any body of water.  It will be very similar in design to the later vehicles, and will test many of the basic concepts.

After extensive testing of the first vehicle, we will test the vehicle in a suborbital configuration.  The suborbital version will still operate from any body of water, and will use the advanced rocket engines currently in testing.  This vehicle will be available for sale after it completes its test program, expected in 2017.

The final version will be orbital.  That means going up to space, and then getting to orbital velocity.  The orbital version will use upgraded engines and have much more propellant, but will otherwise be very similar to the suborbital version.


Similar to the very successful Atlas and Centaur rockets, the “Fluffy Bunny” relies on pressure stabilization for it’s structural strength.  In contrast to those vehicles, the “Fluffy Bunny” does not require pressurization during handling.  The vehicle does not rely on buoyancy to fly, it uses aerodynamic lift until it leaves the atmosphere.  At that point it relies on its solid rocket motors.

Super-sonic and hyper-sonic flight impose some unique, very difficult to surmount challenges to vehicle design.  The “Fluffy Bunny” avoids these complex issues by simply staying below trans-sonic speeds while still in the atmosphere.  This reflects our design philosophy of avoiding difficult engineering problems, rather than solving them.

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