Universal Transport Systems has been developing a space vehicle since 2007, and a full sized manned vehicle prototype is now in low altitude flight testing.  We will be flying the manned prototype vehicle on electric jet engines in July 2016, followed by a planned rocket powered flight in August 2016.  We expect to achieve high altitude rocket powered flight in 2017.  We are seeking sponsorship for our flight test program followed by a suborbital space flight.

The best sponsorship opportunities take people on a journey – in this case, a journey to space.  In 2012, the Red Bull Stratos project achieved the remarkable metric of capturing 1% of all internet conversations.  We are emulating that project, and will take our sponsors and viewers on a similar journey of discovery.  Initially we are offering our sponsors a source of unique content, and later we will be offering unique experiences starting in the summer of 2017.  Our most engaged viewers are two thirds male and the majority are age 18-35.

UTS has several levels of sponsorship opportunities from $10,000 to $300,000, although initially we are primarily interested in assistance with marketing, public relations, and videography rather than financial assistance.  Please contact us for more detailed demographics and information at sponsorship@universaltransportsystems.com